Does Laptop RAM work in desktop


Ram (random access memory) is a system memory which is called the main memory of the computer. Ram is a type of computer memory that access computer randomly. RAM or Random-Access Memory is a type of computer memory that stores the files while the machine is running. These files are including various programs such as operating systems, etc. RAM allows for quicker access to files, as compared to other types of data storage. Main memory is a physical memory of the computer, which is internal into the system. Typically Ram is a temporary store the data on the computer. It doesn’t store the information permanently even when the order has switched off. It raises the store data.   A RAM is a temporary type of data storage device when the system is power off, then all the files and data are lost.

The data and information of the program written in the Ram at any time. It stores the data temporarily in the system, and when the order is switched off, it removes the data. Generally, there are two types of Ram. One is “Static Ram,” and the second is “Dynamic Ram.”

Dynamic Ram; Dynamic form of Ram is mostly used for the storage of essential data on the computer. Static Ram; Static RAM is used within the network for the cache memory as well as used for frequent access data.


There is a “Question” Does Laptop Ram work on a laptop?

There is a big difference between the size of memory modules of laptop Ram and desktop pc Ram.  Mostly, the desktop pc memory module size is under 4.0 or 5.0 inches. Besides this, the laptop Rams memory module size usually 2.5 inches. But, the size of both Ram’s is the most apparent visual clue of the differences. There is another visual clue of difference in the number of pins, which is located on the bottom point of Rams. The desktop uses the DIMM; DIMM is the “Dual inline Memory Modules.” On the other side, the laptops use the customize form of DIMM, and it is called SO-DIMM (small outline dual inline memory modules). The short outline dual inline memory module supports the memory type like SDRAM and DDR. The “Dual Inline Memory Modulus” uses 100-240 pins at the bottom, and there are the memory modules plugs into the motherboard. Also, there is the number of “Small Outline Inline Memory Module” in the range from 72-200.

Approximately old desktop and laptops have some memory modules which has swap back and forth. But the laptops are manufactured in the last decade, are not in the case. So, this is due to space. The latest SO-DIMM takes much less place rather than the DIMM modules used in desktop. DIMM modules running in the desktop at miniature version and another side also there are no sacrifices of speed and transfer rate of SO-DIMM through.  For increasing the laptop memory, there should always purchase, especially the SO-DIMM. Make sure there is a memory module that is compatible with the motherboard. Some motherboards can handle only the DDR2 memory module. So, is there a need for a memory module of DDR2 compatible for the motherboard, then always preferred to purchase the SO-DIMM DDR2 memory module for the laptop. For desktop computers, the choice of memory module would be DIMM DDR2. The Dual inline Memory module DDR2 is better for the desktop than SO-DIMM.


The short replying answer to the question “Does the Laptop Ram Work in Desktop.” Said that they both are tow completely different architectures and no changeable. The main reason is the alteration in the size of Ram’s. Laptop memory is a different size and shape, and it cannot fit in a Desktop.

There is no difference between good RAM and having a similar task. Laptops frequently have lower RAM than desktops, if there is need of more Ram for the computer, it is going to be a lot more expensive, and you’ll be stuck with it until you buy a new laptop, besides this, desktops are entirely customizable. There can add more RAM whenever and where the place doesn’t matter. So basically, there is no real difference in the actual RAM, but how much it expenses and the ease of access to it, once it’s in the computer it can differ on upon own choice.


There are some most important things for buying a new Laptop;

A 12.5 to the 14-inch screen is the best balance between usability and portability. If the spending budget is over $600, let off for these minimum specs: Core i5 or Ryzen 5 CPU 1920 x 1080 screen 8GB of RAM SSD Storage instead of a hard drive. 8+ hours of battery life is ideal. You can go anywhere with your full charge laptop battery.


Small Laptop;

Small laptops or mini laptops are the modern inventions of technology. All function of a computer is available in a little notebook. There is a significant change quickly as a new generation of small laptops, also called mini-notebooks, ultra-small laptops, subnotebooks, ultraportables, netbooks. Small laptops have Fully-functioning processor, graphics card, and memory as well as Keyboard, usually full-sized. The size of the screen is lying 11 to 13 inches, optional touch screen in small laptops as well. Small laptops have entirely low Weight. It is fully protected, not an open tablet design by default. Mini laptops also have wireless internet connectivity.



Ram is an essential part of the computer because it accesses the speed of the system, and as well it is the computer memory which stores the data but not permanently. There is also an explanation of the laptop ram doesn’t work on the desktop computer. Even though the working of both of the Ram is similar but it doesn’t because of their size. The laptop ram has a small scale like SO-DIMM DDR2, and the desktop computer has the capacity of the DIMM DDR2 memory module. Whenever the need to buy a new laptop or computer always prefers the SO-DIMM DDR2 memory module.

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